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PhalconValidation is an independent validation component to validate an arbitrary set of data. This component can be used to implement validation rules that does not belong to a model or collection.

The following example shows its basic usage:

use Phalcon\Validation\Validator\PresenceOf,

$validation = new Phalcon\Validation();

$validation->add('name', new PresenceOf(
        'message' => 'The name is required'

$validation->add('email', new PresenceOf(
        'message' => 'The e-mail is required'

$validation->add('email', new Email(
        'message' => 'The e-mail is not valid'

$messages = $validation->validate($_POST);
if (count($messages)) {
        foreach ($messages as $message) {
                echo $message, '<br>;


Phalcon exposes a set of built-in validators for this component:

Name Explanation Example
PresenceOf Validates that a field’s value isn’t null or empty string. Example
Email Validates that field contains a valid email format Example
ExclusionIn Validates that a value is not within a list of possible values Example
InclusionIn Validates that a value is within a list of possible values Example
Regex Validates that the value of a field matches a regular expression Example
StringLength Validates the length of a string Example

Additional validators can be created by the developer. The following class explains how to create a validator for this component: