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Class Phalcon\Validation


public __construct ([array $validators])

Phalcon\Validation constructor

public validate (array|object $data, [object $entity])

Validate a set of data according to a set of rules

public Phalcon\Validator add (string $attribute, unknown $validator)

Adds a validator to a field

public array getValidators ()

Returns the data that is currently validated

public object getEntity ()

Returns the bound entity

public Phalcon\Validation\Message\Group getMessages ()

Returns the registered validators

public appendMessage (Phalcon\Validation\MessageInterface $message)

Appends a message to the messages list

public Phalcon\Validator bind (string $entity, string $data)

Assigns the data to an entity The entity is used to obtain the validation values

public mixed getValue (string $attribute)

Gets the a value to validate in the array/object data source