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Class Phalcon\Session\Adapter

Base class for Phalcon\Session adapters


public __construct ([array $options])

Phalcon\Session\Adapter constructor

public boolean start ()

Starts the session (if headers are already sent the session will not started)

public setOptions (array $options)

Sets session’s options


    'uniqueId' => 'my-private-app'

public array getOptions ()

Get internal options

public mixed get (string $index, [mixed $defaultValue])

Gets a session variable from an application context

public set (string $index, string $value)

Sets a session variable in an application context


$session->set('auth', 'yes');

public has (string $index)

Check whether a session variable is set in an application context



public remove (string $index)

Removes a session variable from an application context



public string getId ()

Returns active session id


echo $session->getId();

public boolean isStarted ()

Check whether the session has been started



public boolean destroy ()

Destroys the active session