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Class Phalcon\Forms\Form

implements Countable, Iterator, Traversable

This component allows to build forms


public __construct ([object $entity])

Phalcon\Forms\Form constructor

public Phalcon\Forms\Form setEntity (object $entity)

Sets the entity related to the model

public object getEntity ()

Returns the entity related to the model

public Phalcon\Forms\ElementInterface[] getElements ()

Returns the form elements added to the form

public Phalcon\Forms\Form bind (array $data, object $entity, [unknown $whitelist])

Binds data to the entity

public boolean isValid ([array $data], [object $entity])

Validates the form

public array getMessages ([boolean $byItemName])

Returns the messages generated in the validation

public Phalcon\Validation\Message\Group [] getMessagesFor (unknown $name)

Returns the messages generated by

public Phalcon\Forms\Form add (Phalcon\Forms\ElementInterface $element)

Adds an element to the form

public string render (string $name, [array $attributes])

Renders an specific item in the form

public Phalcon\Forms\ElementInterface get (string $name)

Returns an element added to the form by its name

public string label (string $name)

Generate the label of a element added to the form including HTML

public string getLabel (string $name)

Returns the label

public mixed getValue (string $name)

Gets a value from the the internal related entity or from the default value

public int count ()

Returns the number of elements in the form

public rewind ()

Rewinds the internal iterator

public Phalcon\Validation\Message current ()

Returns the current element in the iterator

public int key ()

Returns the current position/key in the iterator

public next ()

Moves the internal iteration pointer to the next position

public boolean valid ()

Check if the current element in the iterator is valid