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Interface Phalcon\DispatcherInterface

Phalcon\DispatcherInterface initializer


abstract public setActionSuffix (string $actionSuffix)

Sets the default action suffix

abstract public setDefaultNamespace (string $namespace)

Sets the default namespace

abstract public setDefaultAction (string $actionName)

Sets the default action name

abstract public setActionName (string $actionName)

Sets the action name to be dispatched

abstract public string getActionName ()

Gets last dispatched action name

abstract public setParams (array $params)

Sets action params to be dispatched

abstract public array getParams ()

Gets action params

abstract public setParam (mixed $param, mixed $value)

Set a param by its name or numeric index

abstract public mixed getParam (mixed $param, [string|array $filters])

Gets a param by its name or numeric index

abstract public boolean isFinished ()

Checks if the dispatch loop is finished or has more pendent controllers/tasks to disptach

abstract public mixed getReturnedValue ()

Returns value returned by the lastest dispatched action

abstract public object dispatch ()

Dispatches a handle action taking into account the routing parameters

abstract public forward (array $forward)

Forwards the execution flow to another controller/action