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Interface Phalcon\Db\ColumnInterface

Phalcon\Db\ColumnInterface initializer


abstract public __construct (string $columnName, array $definition)

Phalcon\Db\ColumnInterface constructor

abstract public string getSchemaName ()

Returns schema’s table related to column

abstract public string getName ()

Returns column name

abstract public int getType ()

Returns column type

abstract public int getSize ()

Returns column size

abstract public int getScale ()

Returns column scale

abstract public boolean isUnsigned ()

Returns true if number column is unsigned

abstract public boolean isNotNull ()

Not null

abstract public boolean isPrimary ()

Column is part of the primary key?

abstract public boolean isAutoIncrement ()


abstract public boolean isNumeric ()

Check whether column have an numeric type

abstract public boolean isFirst ()

Check whether column have first position in table

abstract public string getAfterPosition ()

Check whether field absolute to position in table

abstract public int getBindType ()

Returns the type of bind handling

abstract public static PhalconDbColumnInterface __set_state (array $data)

Restores the internal state of a Phalcon\Db\Column object