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Class Phalcon\Cache\Multiple

Allows to read to chained backends writing to multiple backends


public __construct ([Phalcon\Cache\BackendInterface[] $backends])

Phalcon\Cache\Multiple constructor

public Phalcon\Cache\Multiple push (Phalcon\Cache\BackendInterface $backend)

Adds a backend

public mixed get (string $keyName, [long $lifetime])

Returns a cached content reading the internal backends

public mixed start (int|string $keyName, [long $lifetime])

Starts every backend

public save ([string $keyName], [string $content], [long $lifetime], [boolean $stopBuffer])

Stores cached content into the APC backend and stops the frontend

public boolean delete (int|string $keyName)

Deletes a value from each backend

public boolean exists ([string $keyName], [long $lifetime])

Checks if cache exists in at least one backend